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Making it easy for ordinary people like you to tackle the climate crisis

Making it easy for ordinary people like you to tackle the climate crisis

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Fran Cresswell-Ghose - Get Offset Founder

Fran cresswell-ghose


Hugues Lambolez - Get Offset Developer

Hugues Lambolez


Hey there! I’m Fran Cresswell – Founder of Get Offset.
I created Get Offset to make it easy for ordinary people do their bit to tackle climate change and make a positive impact.
It’s impossible to deny it: climate action is essential. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy or fun! We work with only the best partners in the climate action space, so you can rest easy.
Your contributions are working hard so you don’t have to.
I love hearing from people who are as passionate about the environment as I am. If you want to give us feedback, put us in front of a new audience, or have any other ideas, be sure to contact me.

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Fran Cresswell-Ghose - Founder of Get Offset
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UN Sustainable Development Goals
Tree Planting Partner

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects‘ mission is to offer the dignity of employment to people living in impoverished communities, who become transformational agents of global forest restoration.

Their work is creating livelihoods for millions of people living in extreme poverty by empowering them to restore and protect forests on a massive scale.

Woman planting a tree in Mozambique
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