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Why is Tree Planting So Important Anyway?

Why is Tree Planting So Important Anyway?

Planting trees is an important activity that can have a massive positive impact on the environment. Their impacts range from air pollution and air quality to stabilising soil and boosting our health. Here are some of the many reasons that planting trees is great for people and planet.


Trees give out oxygen, and absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. A single tree removes up to 1.7kg of carbon dioxide every year.

The tree canopy also acts as a physical filter, trapping dust and absorbing a range pollutants from the air.


Tree roots stabilise soil and filter water, removing dangerous pollutants from the soil.

This is especially important in preventing flooding and soil erosion. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Association, a mature evergreen tree can intercept a staggering 15,000+ litres of water every year.

Climate Change

Not only does the absorption of carbon dioxide mean better air for us to breathe, it also helps slow the rate of climate change.

Each tree can sequester 1 tonne of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old, as well as absorbing other pollutant gases, including nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, ammonia and ozone. This is an essential role in cooling our Earth.


Trees are essential for maintaining biodiversity at all stages in their lives. Forests and rainforests are home to a HUGE spectrum of species, which all depend on trees to survive and thrive.


Trees also have health benefits. Research has found that within minutes of being surrounded by trees and green space,  heart rates, stress levels and blood pressure all drop.

Trees have also been shown to boost our immune system, so it’s not surprising that hospital patients are also shown to recover faster when their room had a view of trees.

A woman in Mozambique planting seedlings.

Social Impact

The job opportunities created by forestry are almost endless: from forest managers, to technicians and researchers to environmental supervisors.

Sustainable tree farming facilitates the use of trees for building homes and to burn for heat and cooking. Some trees even have health benefits, others produce fruit.

We are careful to work with only the best, certified tree planting partners to ensure that your contributions go to the most use. You can learn more about our partners here.

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